WIM Bernadette Galas

Location:Manila, Philippines
Languages:English and Filipino
FIDE Rating:2100
Hourly Rate:$7 USD per hour of Teaching/
$6 USD per hour of Training games
Email me:baddettegalas01@gmail.com

About Me

I am WIM Bernadette Galas, 24 years old, a member of the National team since 2014. An alumna of De La Salle University, and finished my double-degree (AB-Sports Management & AB- Philippine Studies Major in Filipino in Mass Media) with an Athletic award.

Playing Experience

I represented my country in several international tournaments such as the World Chess Olympiad, Asian Zonal Chess, Asian Continental, ASEAN+Age group, which I won medals in both individual and team categories in all events (Standard,Rapid, Blitz) and more. Also, I won many National tournaments.

Teaching Methodology

I try to assess first the strength of my students based on their playing styles, and I will question their understanding of certain positions. From there, I will do an interview with what lesson they want me to teach them, and do some of my inputs and assessment to them too. I am mostly organized by the things that need to do ASAP so that I make sure that they will be reminded and check on them from time to time.

 Teaching Experience

I taught Advance & Master Level chess class way back in the year 2017, in our city. Currently, I work as the head coach of a private school.

Best Skills

My best skill in playing chess would be the tactical part, and planning an attack. I do positional sometimes but I am more comfortable with open lines, because I believe that in this kind of playing style, I am able to improve my calculations and reflexes when the critical time and position arise. As per my teaching skills, I am more concern in my students rather than the lesson that they will learn from me, I believe that the most important thing to learn in chess is how we control ourselves and emotions during the game, and by doing that I try to teach with compassion and kindness, and make sure that my students will improve their playing skills.

Other Experiences

Currently, I am trying the commentating part in our newly established chess club. We do Online Simultaneous with our Guest Masters from all over the World, and Online tournaments which we try to annotate in our live streaming.

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