WCM Mira Mirano

Location:Aklan, Philippines
Languages:English, Tagalog, Aklanon
FIDE Rating:1803
Hourly Rate:$5 USD per hour
Email me:miratavemirano@gmail.com

About Me

Good Day! I’m Woman Candidate Master Mira Mirano from the Philippines. I’m 23 years old and graduated from Dela Salle University-Manila in a double degree course AB-Sports Management and AB- Philippine Studies Major in Filipino in Mass Media. I started playing chess tournaments when I was 7 years old. My father introduced me to play chess and take bonding as well. I enjoy chess professionally because I love the game.

 Playing Experience

My first experience playing chess is a good start for me because I won. I played in National age group chess tournaments and represented our country to play chess in Asean age group in Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, in 2007 until 2017 I played in Malaysia. My first time playing in World Youth chess, year 2009 in Turkey. My best win was against WIM Beverly Mendoza in 2012 in Boracay Island. I got my title in Asean Age Group chess Championship in Vietnam year 2012. I aimed for the Most Valuable Award and Athlete of the Year award in De La Salle University year 2019.

Teaching Methodology

I’m teaching beginner and I also do training games. First, I communicate with my student to know their chess capacity and knowledge. Second, to give them ideas by introducing chess basics/fundamentals. Third, to give them exercises/puzzles. Next, to take a lesson about chess patterns, opening and theory.

Teaching Experience

I have trained Chess kids here in my province for almost 2 years. I’m Also a part of the United Queens Chess Club. Right now, I have been starting my career online, teaching and improving their chess skills. Also, I’m sharing my chess knowledge with my family clan who are willing to learn chess.

Best Skills

  • Strategy
  • Calculation
  • Endgame

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