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We usually think that Chess is a difficult sport – needing to constantly think and memorize positions to win the game; however, it’s complexity is what makes it truly amazing. The beauty of Chess is that it is a combination of three things: sport, science and art. It is a grand battle of wits, logic, imagination, and creativity between the world’s greatest minds.

The United Queens Chess Club wishes to empower women and children through Chess. We truly believe that through this sport, we will be able to nurture the values and passion of women and children, not only for Chess but in other aspects of life as well. With that, we invite you to join us as we move forward and dive deeper into the world of Chess.

This 2020, the Six Queens are encouraging Filipino women and children to learn, practice and compete in the two-player strategy board game. At the moment, we have invited masters from different parts of the world to participate in friendly competitions against our Filipino youth, organized local and international tournaments, and tutored future kid-masters. 

A little help will come a long way to ensure that every Filipino child and woman is able to experience and ignite their love for Chess. As of the moment, the Philippines has produced few masters for both women and the children category in comparison to other countries, who have children as young as twelve years old as FIDE masters. Our goal is to help the younger generation become great chess players, or even better – to be the future masters of the country! 

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