Play and Learn with FM Nelson Mariano III

Guess what’s back? It’s the UQCC’s Play and Learn with the Master! We proudly present this to you as our simple way of giving back, to give you quality programs to help our youth and female chess players improve their games.

Meet our guest Master this coming Sept 04, 2021 Saturday at 7:00 pm, say hi to Fide Master Nelson Mariano III! He was also one of those promising and competitive player when he was young as he won the Champion title of Shell National Junior year 2008. But wait, that does not end there, he continues his campaign and hold on to one dream, the dream of every chess player, to become a Master. Not too long ago, he achieved both the Candidate Master and Fide Master title in 2013. He is also a superb Coach and trainer as he established the RedKings Chess Manila to teach and produce future chess champions. Recently he clinched the Champion title in PECA National Executive Chess year 2018, and he is one of the top player in Negros Kingsmen as a professional chess player in PCAP.

We are sure that you don’t want to miss this opportunity to learn from FM Nelson Mariano III, so Register now!


Chess Training with The Queens

Chess Training with the Queens is finally back!

Tired of studying and learning chess alone or don’t have someone who can spar with in Lichess or Chesscom? The Training Session with the Queens is finally open for women! Come and join in the fun while we bond, watch chess videos, analyze games together and play against with your favorite Queens every Sunday at 5:00pm.


Play and Learn with FM Dino Ballecer

Another veteran chess coach is coming a long way to teach our Filipino youth! Right now, he holds an FIDE master title with 2 International norms already. One of his international norms was achieved in the 1st Subic International Chess Open in 2008, where he placed 12th place in the open division with a score of 5.5/9. He had no losses and seven draws. Still unsatisfied with his performance, he switched his focus to online chess, and immediately attained his Arena Grandmaster title! Any guesses who he is? Known for his aggressive approach in chess, FIDE Master Dino Ballecer will show you how chess should be done!

The College of Saint Benilde Blazers are the NCAA senior varsity team of DLSU – Saint Benilde. They were hailed as the champions five times in the years 2005, 2007 to 2009, lost to Colegio De San de Letrán in 2010 but again retook the crown in 2011 and 2012. For DLSU Saint Benilde’s first ever team win in September 2005, FIDE Master Dino Ballecer was placed on the first board and demolished his rivals from different universities to bag for himself a gold medal in the individual category, and successfully attained the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award, a special award only given to the best player of the playing field. Thanks to his fantastic plays in his assigned board, he helped his team taste the sweet victory. The man also played in the 8th Philippine University Games, or UNIGAMES for short, to represent the Blazers. The tournament was hosted in Bacolod, and unsurprisingly, they finished in first place both in the individual and team category. After finishing his five-year chess career with the team, he stayed with his alma mater as their assistant coach for two years. With his incredible teaching expertise, the team successfully became the champion the second time around in 2006 and 1st runner up the following year.

A master who should not be taken lightly.

1. Eisen Josh Benedick Ramos
2. WCM Chua Jia-Tien
3. Chua Siang-Zhe
4. Yaneah Sofia Tanguilan Morada
5. Yosef Immanuel Tanguilan Morada
6. Joash Alton Panopio Gumiran
7. Clark Enzo Inman
8. Aldrin Sotto Bernardo
9. Ran Zeth Marco Lubandina Magallanes
10. Princess Rane Lubandina Magallanes
11. Princess Dianna Pedros Simbajon
12. Samarth Tiwari
13. Jian Carlo A. Rivera
14. Vermond James Alianza


Play and Learn with NM Roland Joseph Perez

Third time’s the charm! The United Queens Chess Club is featuring one of our veteran coaches for this week’s Play and Learn with the Master, National Master Roland Perez, the head coach of The Colegio de San Juan de Letran chess team that has produced several star players in the junior and collegiate divisions who represent the school in the NCAA Chess Tournament. Thanks to his incredible teaching prowess, he now boasts thirteen champion titles representing the red and blue flag.

For more than a decade, he has been mentoring superstar players. In 2008, he was officially appointed as the Chess Coach of the Philippine Team for the World Youth Chess Championship in Vung Tau, Vietnam. Since then, he continued to pursue his dream in teaching young and amazing chess players. As his passion for chess did not waver, he was given the responsibility to lead the College of San Juan De Letran Junior and College Team to victory. By 2016, the Letran Squires in the Junior Division stopped the San Beda Chess Team in its tracks with a clean sweep of 4-0 to become the overall winners of the NCAA Season 92. The four-man team was composed of Mark Daluz, who was awarded as the Most Valuable Player, Melito Ocsan, who is now a player in UST, Eric Yap in Board Three and Alexis Osena, the only female in the team. They recorded a total of three championship titles under the guidance of the National Master. On the other hand, the Senior Team has also their fair share of winning in the 85th Season of the NCAA Chess Tournament under his tutelage. He was crowned as the Coach of the Year, while one of his players obtained the Most Valuable Player award in the elimination round.


1. Cassey Miguel Tabamo
2. Christian Gian Karlo Arca
3. Aldrin Sotto Bernardo
4. John Luis Rivera
5. Arleah Cassandra Lorico Sapuan
6. Yaneah Sofia Tanguilan Morada
7. Yosef Immanuel Tanguilan Morada
8. Joash Alton Panopio Gumiran
9. Vermond James Alianza
10. Jian Carlo Alberto Rivera
11. Eisenjosh Benedick Ramos
12. Chua Siang-Zhe
13. Jonas Fruelan Labaja
14. Dwayne Alekhine Lorico Sapuan
15. WCM Chua Jia-Tien


Play and Learn with FM Deniel Causo

Guess who’s back? With his amazing chess analyses and games recently, his Facebook page, Biyaherong Chess Coach has gained 11,000 followers and counting! Currently representing Team Manila Indios Bravos and the 24th strongest player in the Philippines, let us formally welcome FM Deniel Causo! He will be teaching youth players 13 years old and below for free!

Along with National Master Rolly Parondo, FM Causo is the head coach of the Double Bishop Chess Academy, an established chess school in Thailand. Started to play only at the age of 15, he participated at the renowned Shell National Youth tournament in 2003 and emerged as the winner of the competition. From there, his passion for chess did not waver despite already moving to Thailand. He continued to be a mentor to many children who became FIDE Masters themselves and at the same time play competitive chess. In 2017, he joined the Phitsanulok International Chess Open. Despite being the third seeded player, he emerged first with 5 wins and 1 draw, also besting his fellow Filipino compatriots. A year later, together with Michael Concio and IM Ranola Yves, he participated in the 2018 LEAP Hong Kong International Open and shared first place with Aoshima Mirai from Japan.

1. Franiel Angela Magpily
2. Francine Elaine Magpily
3. Christian Gian Karlo Arca
4. Nelson Villareal
5. Aldrin Bernardo
6. Jian Carlo Rivera
7. Franloyd E. Gellado
8. WCM Chua Jia-Tien
9. Chua Siang-Zhe
10. Jaymiel Piel
11. Joash Alton P. Gumiran
12. Yosef Immanuel T. Morada
13. Yaneah Sofia T. Morada
14. Bonjoure Fille Suyamin
15. Yreil Josh Hernani


Play and Learn with FM Randy Segarra

Not everyone can become a master immediately. Hard work, perseverance, and daily practice are needed. Thus, UQCC believes that as early as possible, children must be exposed to intense training to further improve their chess. Last year, the organization has given 13 years old and below males and women the opportunity to play in simultaneous exhibition matches against several masters from different countries. Now, they have the chance to sit, listen, and play with their favorite masters for more than an hour.

To begin the new series, we present you, FM Randy Segarra! He is currently under the DLSU coaching team and is been for more than 15 years. He was a former Green Archer and was part of the champion team in 1999. Furthermore, he was also awarded as the Most Valuable Player in the same year. As early as 2005, he had completed his three National Master norms and began to seek his Fide Master title in 2008 with an Elo rating of 2300.

Learn with the best. Be the best.

1. WCM Chua Jia-Tien
2. Chua Siang-Zhe
3. Arleah Cassandra Lorico Sapuan
4. Dwayne Alekhine Lorico Sapuan
5. Tyrone James Tabernilla
6. Cleiford Kortchnoi Domalanta
7. Aaron V. Aton
8. Queen Sophia Domalanta
9. Beatrice V. Aton
10. Christian Gian Karlo Arca
11. Marjanovic Refuerzo
12. Jaymiel Piel
13. Yaneah Sofia T. Morada
14. Yosef Immanuel T. Morada
15. Joash Alton P. Gumiran


Philippines vs England Team Battle

Women are just as strong as men. From Sweden, to South Korea, and now, England! Twelve titled Filipino women chess masters have once again gathered to fight head-to-head against the strongest female players from the United Kingdom, surely heavy favorites to win, on October 10, Saturday at 9 PM PHT. Amazingly, both teams are composed of all women masters who hold IM, FM, WGM, WIM, WNM, WCM, and AGM titles.

Good luck to both teams, and may each and every player showcase their awesomeness and talents over the online chessboard!

Representing TEAM PHILIPPINES are:

1. WIM Catherine Secopito
2. WIM Jan Jodilyn Fronda
3. WIM Marie Antoinette San Diego
4. WIM Kylen Joy Mordido
5. WFM Allaney Jia Doroy
6. WFM Cherry Ann Mejia
7. WFM Samantha Glo Revita
8. WNM Francois Marie Magpily
9. WNM Vic Glysen Derotas
10. WCM Mira Mirano
11. AGM Rowelyn-Joy Acedo
12. WFM-elect Ella Grace Moulic

Representing TEAM ENGLAND are:

1. IM Jovanka Houska
2. IM Dagne Ciuksyte
3. FM Akshaya Kalaiyalahan
4. WGM Toma Katarzyna
5. WIM Zivile Sarakauskiene
6. WFM Louise Head
7. WFM Petra Fink-Nunn
8. WFM Meri Grigoryan
9. WCM Anum Sheikh
10. Audrey Kueh
11. Zoe Varney
12. Nadia Jaufarally


UQCC Mini-Match with Queens (Queenie Mae Samarita vs Gladys Hazelle Romero)

UQCC Mini-Match with Queens
Queenie Mae Samarita versus Gladys Hazelle Romero

Who runs the world? Girls! Never underestimate the power of women chess players.

The United Queens Chess Club proudly presents our first ever Mini Match with Queens, happening live on October 9 at 8:00 pm sharp! Two ferocious and well-respected ladies from the Philippines will duke it out in a 90 mins mini match to fight with their chess pride on the line. On the left corner, UAAP Season 82 Silver Board Medalist from the Lady Falcon Woodpushers, Queenie Mae Samarita will be going up against Gladys Hazelle Romero, a Batangas native and the 39th strongest Filipino lady as of today.

Let the battle begin!