Simultaneous Exhibitions

UQCC Friendly Simultaneous Online Chess with FM ZSOLT KORPICS

It seems that another Fide Master from the 8th strongest chess playing nation, Hungary, dares to confront our elite team of young chess players in a 20-player simultaneous exhibition match this weekend. As of the moment, a total of 58 Grandmasters and 121 International Masters were made. One of its best players is a well-known commentator in Chess24, Peter Leko. United Queens Chess Club is happy to introduce FM Zsolt Korpics from Central Europe, Hungary!

Now, in his mid-40s, the Budapest-based master is currently a chess coach (25 years of experience and counting!), Trainor, and licensed arbiter and organizer. He officially became an international arbiter in 2004 and a FIDE instructor in 2015. Way back in his childhood chess career, FM Korpics was part of the Hungarian Under 20 Championship. Despite him being sixteen years old in the U-20 age bracket, he shared first place. In 2011, his team, HVSE-1, bagged a bronze medal against 11 teams in a 90-90 time control format at the Hungarian Team Championship. With a great career at such a young age, he was bestowed and was privileged to become the team captain of Team Kobanya SC Budapest Chess Team in the Hungarian Youth Team Championship. As he served as captain for seven years, his team won five times.

A great chess player since young. Watch him play fantastic chess.

1. Leroy Fenix
2. Arleah Cassandra Lorico Sapuan
3. Dwayne Alekhine Lorico Sapuan
4. WCM Jia-Tien Chua
5. Siang-Zhe Chua
6. Jian Carlo Alberto Rivera
7. Jumana Sayegh
8. Gio Troy Ventura
9. Genesis Jahk Andres
10. Christian Gian Karlo Arca
11. Nate Jin
12. Poh Yu Tian
13. Aldrin Bernardo
14. Joemel Narzabal