Simultaneous Exhibitions

UQCC Friendly Simultaneous Online Chess with GM ROGIC DAVOR

Another year, another round of masters to play with! To start the year right, a Croatian master with a current ELO rating of 2500 has decided to challenge our kids in a simultaneous exhibition match this weekend! He is the second Croatian grandmaster who appeared in UQCC after the famous GM Ivan Saric played in the previous year. United Queens Chess Club welcomes GM Davor Rogic of Croatia!

Grandmaster Davor Rogic has attained his title since 2005 – sixteen years already! At some point in his chess career, he reached an ELO rating of 2602 – a pretty impressive rating as he is currently the 17th strongest active player in his country. At the moment, Croatia is within the top 20 as the strongest chess playing nation. Before earning his International title in 1994, he won first at the Croatian Chess Championship, an annual national tournament. From that point on, he continued to improve and represented his country in the 33rd Chess Olympiad (1998) and 34th Chess Olympiad (2000) held in Russia and Turkey. At the 1998 Chess Olympiad, his team landed in 25th place, where IM Davor scored 1.5 out of his three games and was on the fifth board. One year before the Chess Olympiad, he bagged the fourth place in the individual category at the European Team Chess Championship, held in Pula. The playing field was rough as the England team became victorious.

Looks like this is going to be a thrilling game!

1. Jaymiel Piel
2. Mervil Anne Maxime Alabado
3. Poh Yu Tian
4. Jumana Sayegh
5. Leroy Fenix
6. Nate Jin
7. Phil Martin Casiguran
8. Jian Carlo Alberto Rivera
9. Ghian Michael Basilad Aleria
10. WCM Chua Jia-Tien
11. Chua Siang-Zhe
12. Aaron V. Aton
13. Beatrice V. Aton
14. Joemel Narzabal
15. Arleah Cassandra Lorico Sapuan