Philippines vs England Team Battle

Women are just as strong as men. From Sweden, to South Korea, and now, England! Twelve titled Filipino women chess masters have once again gathered to fight head-to-head against the strongest female players from the United Kingdom, surely heavy favorites to win, on October 10, Saturday at 9 PM PHT. Amazingly, both teams are composed of all women masters who hold IM, FM, WGM, WIM, WNM, WCM, and AGM titles.

Good luck to both teams, and may each and every player showcase their awesomeness and talents over the online chessboard!

Representing TEAM PHILIPPINES are:

1. WIM Catherine Secopito
2. WIM Jan Jodilyn Fronda
3. WIM Marie Antoinette San Diego
4. WIM Kylen Joy Mordido
5. WFM Allaney Jia Doroy
6. WFM Cherry Ann Mejia
7. WFM Samantha Glo Revita
8. WNM Francois Marie Magpily
9. WNM Vic Glysen Derotas
10. WCM Mira Mirano
11. AGM Rowelyn-Joy Acedo
12. WFM-elect Ella Grace Moulic

Representing TEAM ENGLAND are:

1. IM Jovanka Houska
2. IM Dagne Ciuksyte
3. FM Akshaya Kalaiyalahan
4. WGM Toma Katarzyna
5. WIM Zivile Sarakauskiene
6. WFM Louise Head
7. WFM Petra Fink-Nunn
8. WFM Meri Grigoryan
9. WCM Anum Sheikh
10. Audrey Kueh
11. Zoe Varney
12. Nadia Jaufarally