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UQCC Friendly Simultaneous Online Chess with IM ANDREY OKARA

Everyone knows that Russia still reigns as the number one strongest chess playing nation in the world with an astonishing 256 Grandmasters and 549 International Masters. Several well-known super grandmasters represent this amazing country. You name it, they’re probably from Russia! The United Queens Chess Club is honored to give the opportunity to play against him and show that Russia is still the greatest in the chess world. Without further ado, please give a warm welcome to IM Andrey Okara of Russia!

With a standard rating of 2340, he earned his three international norms at the First Saturday March IM in Budapest, Hungary, 2008 Moscow Open A and 2008 Aeroflot Open A2. In the First Saturday March IM, he dominated the competition with 7.5 points, a 1.5 point lead against the second placer. Still an FM in the 2008 Moscow Open A, he scored 5 points out of 9 against 150 players. All of whom are titled players! A very tough playing field. He attained his last norm in the same year in the 2008 Aeroflot Open A2, where he also competed against our fellow Filipino grandmaster, GM John Paul Gomez, and attained a performance rating of 2402. Despite not being as active as before as a chess master, he proudly boasts as his student a U12 champion in a tournament in China who attained this distinction a few years ago and is currently a Women Fide Master title holder at the age of 13.

A cool master. 


Friendly Simultaneous Online Chess with IM ANDREY OKARA (Fide rating: 2340) on

This is your chance to play with an International master on on October 4, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.

Time control: 30 mins per player
Open to all female chess players and boys 13 years old and below.

First 10 participants only!

IM OKARA will play a 10 player exhibition on

Deadline of registration: OCTOBER 2, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.

The 10 participants will be invited to join the group chat to access the link for the Simul.