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UQCC Friendly Simultaneous Online Chess with IM ANTON SKURYGIN

Another first for UQCC as a master from the country of Kazakhstan is our 72th invited master for this weekend. At present, Kazakhstan is the 37th strongest chess playing nation with 15 GMs and 45 IMs, just behind Bulgaria and Switzerland in the leaderboard. Among the 45 IMs in the country, United Queens Chess Club is excited to announce that IM Anton Skurygin will showcase his talent among our Filipino kiddos for a friendly simultaneous match!

IM Anton Skurygin came from a family background full of chess masters – his wife is a FIDE Master, and his father is also a FIDE master. Now he is passing the baton to his daughter, who became the Asian Blitz Champion in the Kazakhstan Team at the age of only 9 years old and may soon be the next family master! The international master possesses all international titles in the field of chess – an international master in 2006, a certified FIDE and International Arbiter Category D title in 2009 and an international Organizer title in 2014. Surprisingly, he was the first ever International Organizer in his country! With that being said, he has been part of at least 50 major chess events as the deputy or chief arbiter such as the 2012 Astana Chess Championship (U12) and 2017 Kazakhstan Junior Championships (U20) Womens’ and Men’s Division. As his life revolves around chess, he has established a chess school called Maestro and is the appointed director. The school offers lessons for all ages and from beginner and advanced levels. His last recorded tournament was at the 25th Abu Dhabi International Chess Festival – Family Tournament. Together with his daughter, Sofia, in the tag-team tournament, with a rating of 2294 and 1094, respectively, they landed in a good spot at 5th place against GMs, IMs and CMs with a total score of 7.5 / 14 after 7 rounds of Swiss System.

Stay tuned for his amazing chess skills.


Friendly Simultaneous Online Chess with IM ANTON SKURYGIN (Fide rating: 2418) on

This is your chance to play with an International master on on September 13, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.

Time control: 30 mins per player
Open to all female chess players and boys 13 years old and below.

First 30 participants only!

IM SKURYGIN will play a 30 player exhibition on

Deadline of registration: SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 at 7:00 P.M.

The 30 participants will be invited to join the group chat to access the link for the Simul.